Meet The CADO

The CADO Cassette Tape Wall

It all started when…

The CADO is the world’s first avocado pop-up museum experience, open this summer at North City in San Marcos, CA.

Step into a world of the green fruit you love to ‘gram and emerge with more than a pretty picture (but you’ll get plenty of those, too!). You're invited to feel the avocado-skinned walls and find the ripe spot, get schooled on the growing process by Jason Mraz (via cassette tape), meet the Hass Mother Tree of California, pause at The Pit Stop and enjoy the best of avocado culture.


Ripe Time

New fall hours, open through September 22, 2019:

  • Thursdays (4pm - 8pm)

  • Fridays (2pm - 8pm)

  • Saturdays (10am - 8pm)

  • Sundays (11am - 6pm)

*Hours are subject to change and may vary. Please see available times on the Tickets page and purchase ahead of time.

Ripe Place:

The CADO at North City

250 North City Dr, Suite 9, San Marcos, CA 92078