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Get ready to walk through an avocado of epic proportions and end up in an actual grove.




13.7135° S, 76.1842° W

Step into a world of the green fruit you love to ‘gram and emerge with more than a pretty picture (but you’ll get plenty of those, too!). Built out of 16 shipping containers fused together to create a 6,700 sq ft expansive mobile structure, you’ll walk into our lobby and be fully immersed in a story as each of the seven exhibits builds on the one before it. Get ready to see the California Avocado in a new light as you walk through the skin and into the fruit.

Are you shrinking or is the avocado growing? 


How can you tell when an avocado is ripe? We've got a room for that.


100% nam non lacus


9 out of 10 in commodo

When you walk into the Ripe Room, you'll notice that the walls are lined with what looks - and feels - like the skin on an avocado. After getting schooled by Jason Mraz (yes, the Jason Mraz) on how a California Avocado goes from tree to toast, you'll be prompted to feel the walls to find the "ripe" spot. When you do, the door is triggered to open into the next room: the Ombre Hallway. 

Each of our seven rooms are interactive and full of surprises.